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Christopher Kubiak, Liaison Officer, Central California Joint Cable Fisheries Liaison Committee, 525 Harbor Street, Morro Bay, CA 93442     Phone 805 771-9637  or send Email

If you have commercial fishing related pictures you'd like to share, just send them to us. Include your permission to use the photo on the site, along with a little information about and who to credit for the photo, and how to contact you.


SloFiberFish.org is the first website dedicated to the Central Coast's commercial fishing industry. Here you'll find information about upcoming meetings, cable locations and the safety program, as well as valuable links and downloadable files you can read and print.

The Cable Committee is accepting proposals for Fishery Improvement Fund Projects. The information is here:  CenCal Cable Fishery

Morro Bay 2014 Commercial Fisheries Economic Impact Report (July 2014) For the fourth year, the Morro Bay Commercial Fisherman's Organization (MBCFO) spearheaded an effort to showcase the economic contributions of the Morro Bay commercial fishing industry, and for the fourth year the effort was sponsored by the Central Coast Joint Cable/Fisheries Liaison Committee (CCJCFLC). Read the Entire Report Here

Contact us at 805 771-9637

Morro Bay 2011 Commercial Fisheries Economic Impact Report (pdf)
Morro Bay 2012 Commercial Fisheries Economic Impact Report (pdf)
Morro Bay 2013 Commercial Fisheries Economic Impact Report (pdf)

Pacific Fishery Management Council Meeting - Oct 30 - Nov 6, 2013
                   Report Amendment (pdf)
Report from the Pacific Fishery Management Council Meeting - April 2014 (pdf)
Report from the Pacific Fishery Management Council Meeting - September 2014 (pdf) 
Report from the Pacific Fishery Management Council Meeting - November 2014 (pdf)


Trawl Impact Study - Memorandum to the California Ocean Protection Council

The Central Cost Trawl Impact and Recovery Study was part of a larger fisheries reform project, the Central Groundfish Project (CCGP) the OPC helped to sponsor along with The Nature Conservancy. This project has led to some exciting advances in both the environmental and economic performance of the groundfish fishery along the central coast of California and is still underway.

The travel impact study was a collaborative fisheries research project and the first controlled study that measured the impacts of bottom trawling in soft-bottom habitats along the West Coast of the United States. Read More (pdf file)

Commercial Fishing in Morro Bay

Bait and Switch? - Fishermen's Difficult Relationship With the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Also, see Morro Bay Fishing is Back From the Depths in the San Luis Opispo Tribune

Forming Partnerships: Spotlight: US West Coast Fisheries

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